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SanGimignano1300, brings to life the City as it existed 700 years ago. The Museum’s main exhibit is the meticulous and scaled reconstruction of the City as it existed in 1300. Done entirely by hand this exhibit and a myriad of others bring to life the City’s architectural and artistic creativity together with its rich cultural traditions. Through our exhibits and unique insight, we seek to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the art, architecture and history of this great City.
Even during the production and staging of the exhibits SanGimignano1300 became an important destination by attracting and amazing visitors from around the world. In a very short time, SanGimignano1300 has achieved a prominent position among the City’s most important attractions. It is our sincere hope that this immense artistic initiative will encourage similar projects and ultimately add value to the already rich cultural and educational fabric of the Tuscan region.