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San Gimignano was at the height of its power and splendor in 1300. Its 72 towers projected upwards and were surrounded by an imposing defensive wall. The City was impressive and magnificent, mysterious and surreal, it was worthy of its reputation. This is the most important exhibit of the Museum. A sophisticated lightning system and elaborate sound effects complete the experience and this monumental work.


Data Sheet:

The reproduction of the city is in scale 1:100 and occupies an area of 27 square meters. It is made entirely from fired clay, and decorated with natural pigments to replicate historically accurate colors. The clay itself (more than a ton) came from the nearby caves of Montelupo. After long and meticulous architectural and historic research, together with the artistic oversight of the Brothers’ Rubino we are proud to bring you this exhibit which took more than 2 years to complete.

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